The Revolution Project

Dear Parents,

The Revolution Project is a large-scale, multi-faceted school project that, in total, takes about 6 weeks; we’re currently about halfway done. As a sort of “mini independent study”, this project takes the year’s theme of REVOLUTIONS to a whole new level.

The students have been asked to act as historians and revolutionaries, creating and staging a revolution of their own design. It’s been fascinating to hear and read about what the students have come up with already: an economy based on desalinization, a militia armed with blender blades, charismatic revolutionary leaders both successful and not, but always with original names. Crucial to this project is collaboration with their peers, a process with many ups and downs (as you may have already been hearing about at home!).

The RP includes 3 main components, some of which you may have caught a glimpse of your child working on:

  • A big research paper on 2 different types of government
  • A creative project on a certain area of focus
  • The presentation fair

And, perhaps most excitingly for you all, YOU’RE INVITED to check out all the hard work they’ve put into planning, researching, and creating at the final Presentation Fair! Students will present their research, display artwork, propaganda and flags, and even show off documentaries and speeches.

I’ll send a reminder email about the fair next month, but please MARK YOUR CALENDAR for THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2016, 10:45-11:45am in our home classroom.